20161016_163502We are the Campbells, and welcome to our Big Adventure! On this site you will find info about our life as new RVers, our travels, our passions, and other interesting things we find along the way!

Victoria is beginning her career as a physical therapist, which is the root of this journey. As a travel PT, she will be contracted to clinics all over the country and will be able to serve the local population with her skills in health and exercise as well as explore the world with her family by her side.

Russell is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for adventure. He enjoys many different aspects of the outdoors, which you will discover as our story unfolds. He also enjoys photography. He is equipped with a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera. He will be documenting this journey with photos.

Jake & Izzy RMNP


Meet Jake and Izzy!

Jake is a mama’s-boy Boston Terrier with a hilarious personality. He loves to sit in the sun, rough house with his dad, and chase his sister through the house.

Izzy is a ball-loving Yorkshire Terrier who makes the rules around the house. She has a diva personality and loves to play fetch, get morning belly rubs, and hide Jake’s toys under the sofa.